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Our Mission

The mission of Loved Ones Victims Services is to provide trusted, healing therapeutic services to adults, teens, children and senior citizens coping with the loss of a loved one.

We Can Help

If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member or friend, Loved Ones Victims Services can help you balance the emotions which can impede your ability to be optimistic about the future.

How to help

As LOVS grows, so does our need for sustainability. You can help support this valuable community center by giving back.

Loved Ones Victim Services…Healing Broken Hearts

Stories of Hope

I thank God for Loved Ones Healing Center. The services the center provided helped me through a very difficult time, “ the loss of my sons." My oldest son was murdered November 20, 1993 And my youngest son was murdered October 29, 1995. After loosing my sons I felt isolated, lost and alone. I had a multitude of feeling that was very confusing. During counseling sessions both individual and group sessions, I learned all those feeling which seemed crazy and confusing were not unusual after suffering such great losses. During the individual and group therapy I was encouraged to keep going and not give up on life. Today, years later I am very blessed and happy to be alive. Yes, I still miss my boys. But, I am also thankful that God blessed me with them and He allowed us to spend time together.

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